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Show Me the Money: Funding for Clean Energy Projects

March 31st, 2016

CAPEX, finance or grants: One of these is necessary to undertake any project in your organisation. If no stakeholder provides funding, there is no project. This month we reveal the where and how of new funding for renewables and energy efficiency.

Funding is a limited resource so you need a compelling business case and a bankable project. We have many clients who are grateful that Enigin understands what a bankable clean energy project is, and prepared millions of dollars’ worth of successful business cases and grant applications. This month’s Energywise with Brockbank article gives insight into some of these.

Writing for Dave’s Solar Snapshot this month, guest writer Sheena explains how we at Enigin are ourselves a key stakeholder in funding solar projects by owning and operating the asset so clients get lower cost clean energy while avoiding risk, through solar PPAs.

Being the end of the quarter, funding is highly topical as budgets and plans for the new financial year are set. But there are also currently two significant funding opportunities for you, our clients:

1) $250M for Energy Efficient Community Housing loans from the federal government green bank, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC): If you are a property developer or operator of community housing, contact us to find out how you can fund clean energy projects this year through the CEFC.

2) Debt and equity funding for renewables to power industrial processes from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA): If you are developing or operating an industrial plant with large (typically gas) powered processes, now is the time to get in touch about obtaining funding to switch to lower operating cost renewables.

In other news this month, we announce a new partnership with Hella lighting and ferret out a great article reminding us why we invest in clean energy and efficiency in the first place, with Digital Lumens’ white paper on tracking energy to drive cost savings.

I wish you well in the run home to the end of the financial year – may you reach all your targets.

Have fun!

Rise of the Low Carbon Economy: the #1 Trend for CEOs in 2016

February 29th, 2016

According to Chief Executive Group, the low carbon economy is the number one trend CEOs should focus on in 2016.

Our focus is to help your organisation profit from the low carbon economy, so this month’s ezine brings you some immediate quick wins and thought provoking strategic insights.

  • The latest generation LED lighting to halve the cost from one of your biggest energy consumers while improving health, safety and productivity of the work environment
  • Ever used a mortgage broker? Why not an electricity broker? Use the power you have to find a better electricity supply agreement.
  • Batteries, batteries, batteries….Will they work for your business?
  • And another business pop star: big data. Real-time energy monitoring is a key success factor in a low carbon economy because knowledge is power – literally!

You can get some early and meaningful runs on the board. The articles in this month’s ezine will show you how to give your business a competitive edge.


PS. Look out for next month’s ezine as we’ll be showing you how to access new funding programs for energy efficiency upgrades or to implement renewables if you are in the industrial or community housing sectors. Better yet, subscribe here to make sure you don’t miss out. 

A New Year, A New Edge…

January 29th, 2016

Happy new year and welcome…

Through The Energy Edge you can make sure 2016 is the year your organisation gets an energy advantage. We’ll be providing you – our clients, intermediaries, and other stakeholders – with the good oil (not the fossil fuel kind) on how you can get business advantage through energy.

Are you interested to hear relevant and independent energy expertise to better understand the Australian energy market & technology options? Do you want to reduce utility costs & generate new revenue for your business? You’ll find it here every month.

If you want to know how to remove the risks and barriers to adopting clean energy solutions:

  • Financial
  • Business continuity and customer satisfaction
  • Technical capability
  • Legal/regulatory

Then make sure and look out for The Energy Edge at the end of every month – it will be worth your while.

In this first edition we share how clients are getting better business outcomes through a Lighting Success Story; Getting Smarter with Energy; Adopting One of Our 2015 Top 5 Solar Systems for Business; Storage Without Batteries – What?; and The Best Lighting Sale in 2016.

Finally – we’re getting new digs, both physical and online (watch this space). Yes, 2016 is a big year for us! During the transition, for easiest access please call the team on their mobile and emails remain unchanged.

Have a powerful 2016!

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