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Our Managed Services

  • Energy monitoring, analytics and reporting
  • Energy Performance Contracts
  • EEO, NGERS, Carbon disclosure and compliance management
  • Retail renewable energy

Our Customers and Domain Knowledge:

1. Government
2. Property
3. Retail

How we Help:

Enigin is a provider of outsourced energy management functions for businesses, individual buildings, whole property portfolios and energy dependent assets. Our most comprehensive offering is an energy performance contract - a turnkey service sometimes compared to design/build construction contracts. It provides clients with a total energy management service including project funding and accompanying saving guarantees.

Alternatively, real-time measurement is essential to management of energy costs. Enigin provides intelligent metering, analytics and reporting systems to ensure continuous improvement in energy cost management and asset performance to:
• Measure and display meaningful consumption or on-site generation that we use to improve staff awareness and behaviours or stakeholder appreciation of sustainable energy performance;
• Generate performance management alerts for plant and equipment to improve asset management; and
• Convert energy information into knowledge and prioritised actions to deliver business improvements.
This service allows organisations to identify wastage, make informed decisions, and see immediate results from improvement initiatives.

Do you have regulatory, mandatory or voluntary energy and carbon compliance reporting obligations? We deliver an expert and efficient service that reduces NGERS, EEO, BEEC or Corporate Social Responsibility reporting.

Finally, we supply and retail on-site clean energy - often at below your current costs. Real ‘green energy’ without the spin or premium pricing.

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