Power Purchase Agreements – Hints and Tips

What you should look for in a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

  1. Price Security (mitigate if not eliminate continued excessive price increases.
  2. Source clean electricity without a premium – staff want to work for, customers / stakeholders want to buy / be a part of an organisation that does the right thing and uses low emission or renewable energy.
  3. Only pay for the clean energy you actually use – There is always a degree of over capitalising if you invest in on-site clean energy, the system won’t always generate in perfect alignment with the needs of your business e.g. (w/e for a Solar PV system if you don’t operate 7/52 or wasted thermal energy in Combined Heat and Power systems)


What benefits will your business get from Enigin’s PPA?

  1. Substantial financial savings for your electricity use. Enigin’s PPA will fix your electricity price at today’s rate for the life of the asset or in some instances cap increases at CPI so that you can budget with confidence.
  2. You get clean electricity that is auditable and in direct line of sight for no greater cost than you are currently paying for fossil fuel electricity from the grid. You will also get the kudos and provide leadership in demonstrating that clean energy makes economic, environmental and social sense.
  3. You eliminate all risks of owing a clean energy system – you only pay for the direct benefit of the electrons you consume – no more. You don’t spend any money to:
    • Purchase and install equipment
    • Repair or maintain the equipment
    • Insure the equipment
    • Manage performance to make sure you are getting the promised output
    • Manage warranty claims for replacement of faulty parts

Learn how to Unlock New Value from your Property with On-site Power Generation

Download our brochure on how Enigin WA can maximize the value of your property, lower your electricity cost and protect you from the inevitable tariff increase through a tailored Power Purchase Agreement.


Why Enigin?



Perth’s Corpus Christi College students are learning by the power of the sun, with the College now able to meet almost one third of its power needs from energy generated on-site from rooftop solar, under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with solar provider Enigin.

It’s an energy and cost saving initiative that could be utilised by many more schools Australia-wide.
WA energy services company Enigin, financed the $300,000 upfront cost of installation at the College through an Energy Efficient Loan - a joint initiative of the Commonwealth Bank and Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

CEFC CEO Oliver Yates, said there is strong potential for solar energy to become an important way for Australia’s 9,400 schools to better manage rising energy costs.

“This is a practical demonstration of the positive change possible through greater adoption of renewable energy. The College can make a big difference to its power bills, while delivering a meaningful cut to its carbon emissions,” Mr Yates said.

“Schools have the biggest energy demands when the sun is shining, which is exactly when they can be switching to solar energy. For many schools, money saved on energy bills is money that can be spent in the class room.

“Installing solar is a very practical way of demonstrating to students and broader school communities the benefits of renewables for improved sustainability.

“We’re pleased that the Energy Efficient Loan can help accelerate the solar plans of schools, businesses and not-for-profit organisations, by financing the upfront cost of installation.”

Corpus Christi College is a 32-year-old Catholic co-educational college in the southern Perth suburb of Bateman. Based on forecast electricity prices, the school is expecting to save more than $1.5 million on its energy bills over the 25-year life of its new solar PV system.

Corpus Christi College will be able to use solar power for 30 per cent of its current electricity needs. Energy services and solutions operator Enigin, has installed more than 670 panels on the school’s rooftops to generate supply. The system has been designed to not export excess electricity, to comply with network grid connect approvals.

Corpus Christi College Principal Mrs Caroline Payne, said installing solar on the school’s rooftops would provide ongoing savings and reduces the College’s exposure to increasing electricity prices.

“Another important factor for us goes beyond dollar terms. We are building on our strong reputation for encouraging independent and creative thinkers who have a sense of purpose.

We want our students to understand their responsibilities as stewards of the earth and tapping into solar is a practical way for us to lead by example,” Mrs Payne said.


Enigin are a leading supplier of clean energy infrastructure to government, industry and NFPs. We are Preferred Suppliers to Western Australian Local Governments and the WA Public Transport Authority.

Enigin designed and specified over $13M of clean energy infrastructure for winning govt. grant applications in 2013 and have installed Clean Energy Systems for:

  1. Local Government:
    • City of Melville
    • City of Subiaco
    • Town of Cambridge
    • Town of Cottesloe
    • City of Gosnells
  2. Commercial Property:
    • Terrace Properties and Investments, 190 St Georges Tce. Perth - 30 kW;
    • Swan Valley Fresh Markets, Midland – 60kW
    • Winthrop Gardens Supa IGA – 100kW
    • Corpus Christi College - 168kW

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