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If your facility or building is not receiving a consistent 230 volts, has low power factor or high harmonics you may be paying more than you need to for your electricity.
Excess voltage from the grid is power supply wastage that can be avoided to reduce electricity costs and can extend the life of appliances through the use of appropriate voltage optimization equipment.

If your Power Factor is low, you may also be paying more than you need to for your
electricity. An electricity load with a low Power Factor draws more current than is required. By increasing your Power Factor, you can reduce your electricity bills through lower monthly demand and capacity charges.

Our Customers and Domain Knowledge:

1. Government
2. Property
3. Retail

How we Help:

• Voltage Optimisation
• Power Factor Correction
• Harmonic Mitigation

Enigin can diagnose the opportunity for improved power management at your
facility or building and ascertain the value of the benefit and ROI of any investment
in corrective equipment.
Following installation of any equipment, we will also run a check to confirm
improvements in performance. We will then assist you to obtain relief from
network KVA demand charges as applicable.

Why Contact Enigin:

Increased complexity, aggressive timeframes and budgets, yet high expectations for quality outcomes make professional and experienced project services critical. Also, most organisations have real constraints in skills, knowledge and availability of people.

Enigin provides the necessary resources, required skills, experience, proven methodology, processes, tools and project culture to deliver sustainable energy initiatives that realise the intended benefits on time and budget.

Enigin ensures you achieve your project goals. We provide multi-disciplinary project practitioners each with the necessary expertise and proven project methodologies to successfully deliver sustainable energy projects.

Enigin expertly delivers both energy efficiency and alternative or renewable energy generation projects for individual buildings, facilities, precincts, districts and whole communities. Across construction management, systems integration, community engagement and behavioural change programs on retrofit, bespoke or off-the-shelf technology we deliver clean energy systems that achieve intended outcomes.

Realise the promise of clean energy on time & budget, contact us now:
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