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    Induction Lighting

    Induction Lights are part of our range of energy saving alternatives to conventional fluorescent, high pressure sodium, sodium vapour or metal halide lights. Induction lights are ‘Electrode-Less’, meaning energy is transferred via electromagnetic induction rather than utilising electrodes as used in other globe designs.

    Benefits of Induction Lights include:

    Long life

    • Long performance life of up to 100,000 hours or 100 times the life of incandescent lamps, since there are no electrodes or filaments to be damaged.
    • Material reduction in maintenance and replacement costs
    • High luminous maintenance rate of > 95% after 2000 hours and >85% after 6000 hours.

    Higher Efficiency

    • Power factor >0.99 for high system efficiency and reduced consumption costs of up to 90%.
    • Low heat output resulting in reduced air-conditioning costs.
    • Reduced re-lamping costs and zero maintenance costs.

    Workplace Benefits

    • Reduced eye strain and stress.
    • Instant start and instant restrike with reliable ignition, even up to -40°C.
    • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 80 to allow colours to be perceived correctly.
    • Range of colour temperatures to suit many applications.
    • Easy to retrofit or install in new construction applications.

    Environmentally Friendly

    • Longer lifetime leads to reduced recycling costs.
    • No liquid mercury to harm humans or the environment.


    • Low Harmonic Distortion (International L class standard) for electric safety and grid security.
    • EMC meets all international standards including FCC which ensures safety for use close to other electronic devices.

     Induction Lamp High Bay Series
    CE certification and EMC test method

    Product Name Picture
    ________________________________________________ ____________________


                      GC18a - 150E / Aluminum Hood with tempered glass diffuser
                      Diameter: 570mm
                     150watt / 5000K cri -90

                     GC18a-200E / Aluminum Hood with tempered glass 
                     Diameter: 570mm
                     200watt / 5000K cri -90

    ________________________________________________ ____________________


                     GC18-100E 100W
                     (Poly Carbonate hood 16")

                     GC4-120E 120W
                     (Poly Carbonate hood 16")

                     GC18-150E 150W
                     (Poly Carbonate hood 22')

                     GC18-200E 200W 
                     (Poly Carbonate hood 22')

                     GC18-250E 250W
                     (RT Series)

    ________________________________________________ ____________________


    Alternative Hoods


    Trusted Technology

    Some of our customers benefiting from our Induction light replacements for conventional metal halide, high bay lights are IGA Duncraig, Goodwill Engineering and the West Australian Print Centre.

    If you would like your business to benefit from induction lighting please contact contact Enigin Western Australia now:
    p. 6143 8664
    a. 6/4 Whyalla St, Willetton WA 6155, Perth, Western Australia