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Enigin Western Australia is a company dedicated to provide comprehensive renewable energy solutions to commercial premises. Specializing in the engineering of commercial large scale solar energy and geothermal systems.

At Enigin Western Australia we implement a five stage turnkey solution for every renewable energy project starting with the initial review and basic assessments, feasibility study to obtain a realistic ROI, a detailed assessments which verifies the feasibility process, the design and construction stage followed by detailed data collection through live monitoring to gauge the project’s success and implement further modifications or improvements if required.

We have a team of professionals who strive to deliver each protect on time and on budget with the customers requirements for use of renewable energy in place of conventional energy to reduce operating cost as the underling priority.

Enigin Western Australia is an Australian owned and operated company accredited by NABERS, BEEC, Green Star, and the ESA (Energy Saving Association).

To learn more about how you can switch to renewable energy, and cut cost to your business bottom line please Contact us.

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