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How we Help:

A complete Five Stage Turn Key Managed Project

1. Initial Review/ Basic assessments
The Initial Review establishes if the site can facilitate energy improvement without the costs associated within a full feasibly and in most instances can be undertaken very simply either over the phone or in a meeting. Master Plan level documentation and power bills are all that is required at this stage.

2. Feasibility study
Comprehensive Data Collection and feasibility study providing a Projected ROI to the client before any further progress.

3. Detailed Assessments
Verifies the feasibility process and is carried out in an independent non basis manner . We have a list of consulting engineers that we work with and the that have experience in Geothermal products we can also work with designated project engineers.

4. Design & Construction
We offer Energy Efficient Solutions that have been designed to work and integrate into new and existing environments, and our objective is to offer turn key solutions that remove the barrier to implementing new innovative technology into buildings. This is a simplified approach to a complex installation and streamlines the entire approach to implementing energy efficiency within an organization.

5. Detailed Data Collection
Our ownership of projects means we encourage live monitoring and energy tracking pre installation to establish a baseline and post installation, this allows verification through a third party such as mechanical or sustainability engineering consultant as to the project success and if further modifications or improvements are required.

Why Contact Enigin:

Increased complexity, aggressive timeframes and budgets, yet high expectations for quality outcomes make professional and experienced project services critical. Also, most organisations have real constraints in skills, knowledge and availability of people.

Enigin provides the necessary resources, required skills, experience, proven methodology, processes, tools and project culture to deliver sustainable energy initiatives that realise the intended benefits on time and budget.

Enigin ensures you achieve your project goals. We provide multi-disciplinary project practitioners each with the necessary expertise and proven project methodologies to successfully deliver sustainable energy projects.

Realise the promise of clean energy on time & budget, contact us now:
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