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We integrate best-of-breed European and British componentry and design, delivered in the Australian context, using Australian know-how. From planning, investment analysis and assisting with finance, to design, building, commissioning and operating, we'll de-risk your energy project at every stage.

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How we Help:

Reduced Costs, Create New Revenues

We’re about pragmatic, feet-on-the-ground, commercially viable plants with investment returns that stack up. Using your organic waste, or feedstock we can source from elsewhere, your operation can:
• Avoid transport costs and gate fees for waste disposal
• Avoid electricity costs (peak and off-peak)
• Avoid heating costs
• Monetise surplus electricity fed into the grid.
• Power vehicles and equipment with biogas
• Monetise valuable carbon credits under current Australian Government Schemes.

We use a process called anaerobic digestion to convert commercial and industrial waste into onsite electricity, heat and clean methane gas. Organic waste streams to feed our plants can range from supermarket, kitchen, dairy, vegetable, abattoir and fishery waste, to grain and legume surplus, to ordinary garden waste.

Anaerobic digestion produces large quantities of biogas, comprising methane and carbon dioxide. The cleaned methane fraction can be stored and used to generate onsite power and heat, with surplus fed into the electricity grid, or used to power equipment and vehicles. The digestate by-product of the process can be readily and safely used as a commercial organic compost or fertiliser.
Anaerobic digestion is not a new technology, but it is new to Australia having been standardised and refined through prolific use and development by industry in Europe (particularly Germany) and Britain over the last 15 years.

Why Contact Enigin:

Increased complexity, aggressive timeframes and budgets, yet high expectations for quality outcomes make professional and experienced project services critical. Also, most organisations have real constraints in skills, knowledge and availability of people.

Enigin provides the necessary resources, required skills, experience, proven methodology, processes, tools and project culture to deliver sustainable energy initiatives that realise the intended benefits on time and budget.

Enigin ensures you achieve your project goals. We provide multi-disciplinary project practitioners each with the necessary expertise and proven project methodologies to successfully deliver sustainable energy projects.

Enigin expertly delivers both energy efficiency and alternative or renewable energy generation projects for individual buildings, facilities, precincts, districts and whole communities. Across construction management, systems integration, community engagement and behavioural change programs on retrofit, bespoke or off-the-shelf technology we deliver clean energy systems that achieve intended outcomes.

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